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Clutch Services
Quality Transmission Clutch Services
Common Clutch Problems

Clutch slipping: usually caused by a worn clutch disc damage through aging, heat or poor driving, and most of the time the clutch needs replacing.

Clutch chattering problems: a vibrating or grinding noise is audible when engaging the clutch, or the clutch does not move smoothly and Grabs abruptly.

Clutch not releasing: difficult to shift gears or you cannot engage the gears at all. If your car shudders when you take off in first gear, especially when reversing, a mechanic inspection might be needed.

At Quality Transmission, we will check to determine if the repair or replacement of a clutch-related item is required. We will inspect the clutch disc, pressure plate, flywheel and related components to decide the source of your clutch problem and make the necessary repairs.

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We service domestic and imported transmissions. Automatic, standard, 4x4, FWD, AWD, electronic, overdrive, we are the transmission expert to help.

We also install and repair
Transfer cases, Differential Assemblies,
Flywheels, CV-Shaft,
U-Joints, Transmission Coolers,
Clutches, Torque Converters.

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