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Rebuilding Transmissions

The remanufacturing process involves many steps. Each unit is disabled, thoroughly inspected, cleaned and then remanufactured to FACTORY SPECIFICATIONS using O.E.M. parts and components. Our skilled technicians use the most modern equipment and technology to return each unit to its original factory condition. The quality of the unit is often better than its original state due to installation of the latest engineering updates and correction of factory faults.

During final inspection, each remanufactured transmission is DYNO-TESTED to ensure proper performance. Our AXI-LINE Transmission Dynometers employ variable magnetic loading devices that are friction-free, electronically controlled, and adjustable through all speed ranges. The cross-slide apparatus adjusts to all transmissions (foreign and domestic.)

With its high power loading of the transmission output, our tester produces PRECISE results by simulating operation in the vehicle. Well-defined shift points and a clear indication of clutch band and torque converter performance are assured.

All QUALITY transmissions are delivered with a precision remanufactured computer-balanced torque converter.

Quality Transmission Rebuilding Transmissions
Servicing All Types of Transmissions

We service domestic and imported transmissions. Automatic, standard, 4x4, FWD, AWD, electronic, overdrive, we are the transmission expert to help.

We also install and repair
Transfer cases, Differential Assemblies,
Flywheels, CV-Shaft,
U-Joints, Transmission Coolers,
Clutches, Torque Converters.

Quality Transmission Services All Types of Transmissions
Additional Services That You Can Rely On

Free computer diagnostics to determine the cause of your transmission problems.
Free estimates, free quote service. The price we quote is the price you pay.
We check your transmission for adjustments and minor repairs first.
Low prices.
Discounted towing service.

We honor all extended warranties and many after market warranties including Coast to Coast warranty, Global warranty, Lubrico warranty and many more.

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