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The Signs & Symptoms
Time to Get Transmission Serviced

A transmission brings the power from the engine to the drive wheels through a series of gear sets and friction devices. The fact is that the transmission is the most complex component in your automobile. It may have as many as 1,000 parts, each having to function perfectly with the others in order to work properly.

Transmission problems can take several forms. Each symptom may have a number of possible causes, some requiring extensive repairs while others need only an adjustment or minor service.

Always seek a transmission specialist like Quality Transmission to solve transmission problems. The following information may indicate that it is time to get transmission serviced.

Engine Light On

Check Engine or Service Engine Soon lights on Dashboard.

It Doesn't Move

Put the shift lever in Drive and nothing happens. Even racing the engine does nothing to make your vehicle move.

It Doesn't Reverse

Vehicle doesn't move when shift lever is placed in Reverse.

It Jerks in Park or Neutral

When you first start the car or before you turn it off, your vehicle moves or jerks.


Fresh fluid stains under the vehicle. Transmission fluid is a light reddish color and will show up on the pavement under the car when there is a leak.

Shift Indicator Off

The indicator must be slightly off (P) or (N) to start the car. Shift indicator doesn't point to the proper range.

Shift Handle Stuck/Sticks

Shift handle is hard to move into or out of any position.


Engine races, but vehicle moves slowly or won't accelerate as it should.


Vehicle stalls or labors on takeoff.

Strange Noises

Your vehicle makes clicking, knocking, screeching, buzzing, whistling, clanking, or grating noises. Unusual sounds can come from hood or rear of car and may include a hum or low whine.

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