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Transfer Cases
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Common Transfer Cases Problems

The transfer case is the mechanical unit that splits power between the front and rear axles. It receives power from the transmission or transaxle output shaft.

Lubricant Leakage: a loss of lubricating fluid from the housing, gaskets, or seals. Leaks may be noticed as oil drips on the pavement.

Failure to Engage Properly: The transfer case fails in only one gear: possible cause of defective internal parts or linkage. The vehicle will not move at all in all gears: possible cause of defective stripped gears or splines, a broken chain, a broken shaft.

Abnormal Noises: During vehicle operation, abnormal noises including whines and rumbles occur in the transfer case. Other types of noises can be grinding, knocking, popping, or snapping sounds.

Hard Shifting: In some cases, it may become difficult to change transfer case gears. Possible cause: a shift linkage that is bent or worn.

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